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Total Superyacht will automate the workflow in your private yacht and make the nature of your operation more efficient and effective. All the routine tasks are done faster, allowing the crew to focus on more important aspects. The best part is, Total Superyacht comes with over 100 expert checklists to get you started in minutes.


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You can use one of our templates to create a checklist or create your own. When they are published, they show up on each crew member’s iPad.
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If a member of the crew finds a fault/problem, it can be assigned directly to the appropriate worklist (with supporting photos if necessary).
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The HOD and assigned department are notified of any faults in real time.
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When faults are resolved, the HOD is automatically notified.
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After a checklist is completed, a PDF report is automatically generated. (Ready for DPA review and future audits on ISM vessels.)


Do you want to see how it’s going to work in your private yacht? Just click on the links below to see the video related to that department. Learn how effortless it is for the entire crew to automate workflow.

For Engineers

The Machinery Log Trending graph allows you to compare and trend readings from multiple pieces of equipment in this simple-to-use module designed for complete condition-based maintenance. Engineers can schedule maintenance before it becomes a problem by setting limits which send notifications of potential equipment failure.

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